The birth of Adís African Flies started 17 years ago when my family moved from KwaZulu Natal to Gauteng. Being an avid rock and surf angler at the time, I sought an alternative to rock and surf angling now living on the Highveld. This is when I discovered the world of fly fishing.

Once bitten by the fly fishing bug, I became more and more involved in the sport, spending most weekends at the local trout farms around Johannesburg. My habit grew and within a year I had progressed to tying flies. After about a year of tying for myself, I launched Adís African Flies commercially by tying the run of the flies available at most fly fishing shops.

Within a year of launching Adís African Flies commercially, I analyzed the South African fly fishing market and it became clear to me that there was a niche for high quality flies for the discerning fly fisherman. In order to maintain a high quality product, I made three major decision for the company. Firstly that we would only use top quality fly tying materials and hooks. Secondly that all flies would be personally tied by myself and not mass produced to ensure the highest of quality. Thirdly, we would provide top quality service to meet the needs of the South African and international markets - we always go the extra mile for our clients. These three decisions have stood the test of time and allowed Adís African Flies to grow a select client base and outlast many competitors.

With the passing of time and our clients requirements, we have continually included new products and services, leading to what Adís African Flies has become today. We are now one of the top quality service providers in the fly fishing industry in South Africa.

        Adam Bennett

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Custom tied flies for all species, Fly-tying materials, Guided tours, Framed flies, Tuition in Fly fishing, Fly-tying and Bass fishing.

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